- August 30, 2013

Russians Spend over 6 hours a Month on Odnoklassniki

The social networking category in Russia was visited by nearly 56 million internet users in July 2013, that’s 85% of the total online population in Russia. Taking the top spot was Vk.com with 49.2 million unique visitors that month, followed by Odnoklassniki with 37.8 million and then Mail.Ru with 17.7 million unique visitors.

Engagement with these top 5 social networking sites differs greatly as visitors to Odnoklassniki and Vk.com spent the most time accessing these sites during July 2013, with an average of 368.4 and 306.7 minutes per visitor, respectively. Facebook is third in terms of engagement with 30.2 minutes spent per visitor. Mail.Ru and Twitter complete the rankings with an average of 20.5 and 6.9 minutes spent per visitor respectively.

The Top 5 social networking category in Russia

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