- June 23, 2011

U.S., Singapore, and U.K. Have the Highest Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

Sarah Radwanick
Sarah Radwanick
Director, Regional Product Marketing

Today, Comscore launched Device Essentials - a service that provides an all-encompassing view of digital traffic from all web-enabled devices worldwide. The findings in the inaugural release provide the world's first glimpse into the share of traffic coming from various devices by device type and connection type.

In the 13 countries surveyed for this release, computers continued to account for a majority share of device traffic (comprising at least 93 percent of all traffic in these markets). Among the markets, the U.S. had the highest share of traffic coming from non-computer devices, with 6.2 percent of all device traffic coming from mobile phones, tablets, and other handheld and web-enabled devices. This was followed by Singapore (5.9 percent), the U.K. (5.3 percent), Japan (4.6 percent), and Australia (4.3 percent).
Within these markets, the composition of devices contributing to total traffic shows distinct variations. The U.S. has the highest share of total traffic coming from mobile phones at 4.2 percent, whereas Singapore has the highest share of traffic coming from tablets at 1.6 percent.
Stay tuned for more digital traffic data points coming your way from Device Essentials in the future. To read the press release, please click here.

Share of Total Traffic from Non-Computer Devices