- June 21, 2016

Video serves a Social Media ace for Roland-Garros content

The summer brings a series of major international sporting events to France, starting with the tennis French open at Roland-Garros. With millions of people around the world watching, discussing and sharing their passion for this Grand Slam, Social Media provided the perfect platform for instant reaction to the tournament. The learnings from user engagement with Roland-Garros deliver some clear lessons for other sporting events, but also for brands and advertisers to increase engagement and optimize strategy.

Women were responsible for 58% of the total actions on Roland-Garros Facebook Page, but men exhibited a higher frequency, with 2 interactions per user during the entire tournament. In terms of content types, video proved highly effective at generating engagement in comparison to other social media formats, despite not being used as extensively as others.

Key Findings:

  1. On Facebook, video drives disproportionally high engagement. While a third of the total posts contained video, this type of post generated 62% of the total actions from May 16th to June 05th.
  2. During the tournament, the Roland Garros Instagram Page generated 1.5 million actions through 416 thousand followers, representing 3.5 interactions per user on average.
  3. Twitter was responsible for 84% of the content generated by Roland Garros on social. Their followers retweeted 316,000 times, representing 39% of the total actions for @rolandgarros during the competition.
  4. With 19% average engagement, the Roland Garros YouTube channel led Roland Garros social media accounts with 3.8 million views during the grand slam.
  5. In general, short videos typically perform better in sports social media in France. Surprisingly, videos lasting between 120 to 149 seconds from the Roland Garros YouTube channel outperformed shorter ones, generating 1.9 million actions including comments, likes or dislikes.
  6. Watched 225 million times, the video “S. Williams vs Muguruza 2016 Highlights from the Finals” was the top video for the Roland Garros YouTube channel this year in terms of generating likes and comments.

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