- March 1, 2012

2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus

Kevin Duong
Senior Analyst

Comscore presents the 2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus, its annual report on the prevailing trends in general web usage and demographics, social media, online video, digital advertising, mobile and search that are defining the current Canadian marketplace and insights into what these trends mean for the year ahead.

Key questions to be addressed in the report include:

  • How do digital consumption habits in Canada compare to other countries?
  • Which web content categories are witnessing the strongest growth?
  • How is social evolving from a trend to a staple in the Internet experience?
  • How do Canadians' online behaviors compare with their personal interests and other media habits?
  • How fast is video accelerating in the online marketplace, and what are the key trends?
  • What is the current state of the digital ad market and how are social ads driving change?
  • In what way are mobile devices shaking up the digital landscape and shifting consumption habits?