- January 24, 2012

Next-Generation Strategies for Advertising to Millennials

Speaker: Comscore, Inc.

The Millennial generation’s massive size and strong purchasing power, estimated to be $170 billion per year, makes them a valuable segment of the population for marketers to target. But given some of the unique characteristics of this generation, having grown up in the digital and information ages, it is critical that marketers have a clear understanding of this group and how to most effectively reach them through advertising. This report highlights data from more than 40 years of advertising research from Comscore, and compares the results from the 2011 study on Millennials to past generational studies. Learn the most effective strategies brands can undertake to reach Millennial consumers in the present day, and understand both the challenges and opportunities marketers may face in looking to target this segment.

Key questions to be answered in this report include:

  • When it comes to advertising strategies, are Millennials truly set apart from other generations, or are there broad commonalities which span generations?
  • For Millennials, how effective is traditional television advertising? Is digital a better alternative?
  • Regardless of the medium, are there unique ways to engage and persuade the Millennial generation?