- May 17, 2012

State of US Online Retail Economy Q1 2012

Andrew Lipsman
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Insights
Gian M. Fulgoni
Chairman Emeritus

Comscore Chairman Gian Fulgoni & VP Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman present an overview of the e-commerce spending trends in the first quarter of 2012. The Comscore team used the following products to gather the data presented:

  • Mobile Metrix® 2.0: Actionable Insights into Consumers’ Mobile Behaviors
    Comscore Mobile Metrix® 2.0 brings Comscore’s Unified Digital Measurement™ to smartphone devices, combining on-device metering with census-level data to provide the most accurate and detailed view into U.S. mobile media usage across apps and the mobile web.
  • validated Campaign Essentials (vCE): Ad Campaign Delivery Validation and In-flight Optimization
    Comscore validated Campaign Essentials provides unduplicated accounting of ad impressions to measure whether ads were delivered in-view, in the right geography, in a brand safe environment and absent of fraudulent delivery. It also evaluates the degree to which validated impressions reached the campaign target audience.

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