- August 1, 2015

Online Banking

Allison Ellman
Senior Analyst

Each month Comscore creates a Data Insight presentation on a different topic in digital. In this August 2015 edition, the topic is "Online Banking".

How can YOU take advantage of the growth of mobile banking?

  • More people are using mobile devices over desktop computers to bank online. The number of mobile only bankers is on the rise.
  • Millennials are leading the trend toward mobile, but still 1/3 have not adopted the behavior. A large, yet declining, portion have remained loyal to online banking via desktop.
  • People are hesitant to bank on their phones because of security issues as well as the desire to hold onto past habits (visit bank or use PC). Each generation has their own reasons for why they haven’t made “the switch.”
  • The use of E-payments on mobile has soared, with Venmo emerging as a key mobile app player. Millennials, once again, are pioneering this mobile digital wallet trend.

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