- June 24, 2016

Fail Early and Fail Often: What Data Reveals about Social Success in 2016

Speaker: Andrew Reid, VP Social, Comscore

With Social Media ad spending up 41 percent year-over-year and now above $25 billion globally, brands have voted with their wallets. Social is a critical part of any marketing budget but measurement has not kept up with spending growth and, as a result, most of the thousands of campaigns that we track each year fail… miserably. This webinar is our humble attempt to stop the bleeding.

The secret is that results are not uniform and success is not luck. Those few brands and agencies who really understand the market have found unique ways to engineer repeated success. This webinar gives you access to the key points of what we have learned by measuring the social efforts of major brands.

In this webinar, we lay out the basic mistakes that countless world-renowned brands, TV networks, sports organizations and celebrities make each day as they pursue the unicorn of social marketing success.

Download this presentation to learn:

  • The state of social in 2016
  • The two biggest dangers of bad data
  • What “micro-failure” means and how you can embrace it to win in social media marketing
  • How Comscore Social’s unique measurement can guide your strategy