May 1, 2016 - Event: comScore Data Insight presentation

U.S. News Consumption

Jason Fieweger Jason Fieweger
Manager, Client Insights
Trisha Patel Trisha Patel
Senior Client Insights Analyst

Each month comScore creates a Data Insight presentation on a different topic in digital. In this May 2016 edition, the topic is "News Consumption".

Key Takeaways

By Generation:

  • 18 -34 makes up the smallest audience on each of the top political sites, while 55+ is the largest on all but CNN Politics.

By Political Outlook: 

  • Self-defined Moderates make up the largest audience across each of the top 5 political news sites.
  • Self-defined Conservatives make up a larger percent of the audience than Liberals except among 18 -34.

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