- August 18, 2017

Global, Mobile and Marketplace Driven Shoppers Webinar

Speaker: Louis DeJianne, UPS and Andrew Lipsman, Comscore

This webinar, co-presented by Louis DeJianne of UPS and Andrew Lipsman of Comscore took an in-depth look at the evolution of e-commerce across devices and marketplaces and what these changes mean for retailers in the digital age.

Louis and Andrew covered the following topics on the webinar:

  • Digital Evolution: E-commerce continues double-digit growth, with online shoppers planning to use all digital devices more in the future.
  • A Mobile Mindset: Shoppers have become more comfortable using their mobile devices to research and buy online, leading them to spend more time and money in the m-commerce market.
  • Channel Dynamics: Today’s shoppers are empowered with more retail choices for direct-to-consumer purchasing across online and brick-and-mortar channels.
  • The Savvy Shoppers: There’s a new crop of shoppers born from technology, who have honed their online shopping skills and learned how to find the best prices from every corner of the world.
  • Retail Fundamentals: Delivering a stellar customer experience from point of sale to post-purchase across all channels is required to thrive in the competitive world of retail.

The findings presented during the webinar are based on joint research between UPS and Comscore. The newest report is the first of five volumes and provides in-depth insight into online shoppers’ behaviors and preferences. To download this data-rich report click here.

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