- October 9, 2017

Holiday Tracker Overview and Demo

Speaker: Kevin Moll, Senior Analyst, Client Insights, Comscore

In this presentation, Kevin Moll, Senior Retail Insights Analyst, provides viewers an overview of the Comscore Holiday Tracker®, the data it provides to users, and an in-depth product demonstration. Watch the recording to learn more about how the Comscore Holiday Tracker® empowers users to:

  • Compare results on key retail dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday to see how your visits and conversion are performing against the competition.
  • Discover which retailers are attracting the most shopping traffic via mobile apps and mobile browsing, with additional insight into which devices and platforms are driving the majority of behavior.
  • Keep tabs on year-over-year growth in key metrics like buyer penetration, shopper conversion, and more to benchmark performance against your competitors and the e-commerce market as a whole.