- August 21, 2020

Illuminating CTV & OTT: Why & How to Invest in Data-driven Advertising

Brandon Hubbard
Brandon Hubbard
Manager, Agency Sales
Larissa Klitzke
Larissa Klitzke
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

As cord cutting behavior continues to rise, over-the-top (OTT) television has massive potential for both traditional and digital advertisers alike.

During this Coffee with Comscore webinar, we explored the impact of COVID-19 on streaming mobile app installs, sessions and revenue. Using AppsFlyer insights — which allow OTT publishers to drill down into multitouch attribution tied to granular in-app event behavior, LTV and ROI — we examined OTT growth in 2020, why the time is ripe to test OTT now, and how to plan your CTV advertising campaigns for data-driven growth.

During this webinar, we looked at:

  • Changes in OTT viewing behavior from 2019, and the impact from COVID-19
  • Granular measurement models for OTT & CTV advertising, including deterministic and probabilistic attribution across devices
  • Advanced targeting strategies, tricks to navigating the OTT media landscape, and optimization thought starters to make your CTV campaigns a success

To learn more about how Comscore can help you continue to reach consumers in a shifting media environment, click here. To learn more about AppsFlyer, please request a personalized demo or check out their  Marketer's Guide to OTT Television.

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