In Malaysia, Yahoo! News Tops List as Most-Visited News Site, The Star Leads Among Local Brands

News Consumers Skew Heavily Towards Males Age 45 and Older

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 27, 2010 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its July 2010 ranking of the top News/Information sites in Malaysia from its Comscore Media Metrix service. The report found that more than half of Malaysians online visited a News/Information site in July 2010, reaching more than 5.5 million visitors. Yahoo! News led the category with the most unique visitors, with securing the position of most-visited local news brand.

“News sites combine both significant reach and user engagement, making them an ideal destination for many brand advertisers,” said Joe Nguyen, Comscore vice president for Southeast Asia. “Similar to offline news-reading habits, online readers displayed strong brand loyalty to their preferred news sources. Of the top five local news destinations, only 1 out of 4 Malaysians visited more than one of these sites during the month.”

Half of Malaysians Online Visit News/Information Sites

In July 2010, 5.5 million Malaysians age 15 years and older visited News/Information sites from a home or work location, representing more than half of the total Internet audience in Malaysia. Yahoo! News led as the most-visited site in the category, reaching 1.2 million visitors, followed by New York Times Digital (which includes the information portal) with 873,000 visitors.

The remainder of the list was largely dominated by local news and information attracting strong user engagement. was the top local brand in the ranking reaching 788,000 visitors, with an average visitor spending 16 minutes on the site during July and consuming 18 pages of content on average. reached 547,000 visitors, with users consuming 33 pages on average and spending 16 minutes on the site during the month, while the New Straits Times’ saw 545,000 unique visitors, with visitors averaging 20 pages and spending more than 20 minutes on the site.

Top News/Information Sites by Unique Visitors
July 2010
Total Audience, Age 15+ - Malaysia Home & Work Locations*
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
Total Unique Visitors (000) Average Minutes per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor
Total Internet : Total Audience 9,927 908.9 1,239
News/Information 5,507 26.8 37
Yahoo! News 1,195 5.5 7
New York Times Digital 873 4.3 4
THESTAR.COM.MY 788 16.2 18
HMETRO.COM.MY 545 20.7 20
UTUSAN.COM.MY 523 15.5 24
BHARIAN.COM.MY 474 12.6 15
CNN Network 394 6.7 11
BBC 386 9.9 10
MSN News 362 29.5 40
KOSMO.COM.MY 343 18.3 21
MSNBC 265 12.3 17
TOPIX.COM 206 7.3 6

*Excludes visitation from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

News Consumers Skew Strongly Towards Older Male Demographic Segments

The demographic composition of visitors to the News/Information category revealed strong skews toward older male segments. All male age groups, with the exception of the 15-24 year old age segment, reported above average consumption, with males ages 45-54 consuming 114 percent more pages of content than an average Malaysian Internet user and males age 55 and older consuming 183 percent more content than average. Although females consumed significantly less content than males (only 37 percent of total pages were consumed by females), females age 55 and older consumed more than twice as many pages of content as the average Internet user.

Demographic Profile of Visitors to the News/Information Category
July 2010
Total Audience, Age 15+ - Malaysia Home & Work Locations*
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
  % Composition Pages Composition Index Page Views
Total Internet: Total Audience 100.0% 100
All Males (15+) 63.0% 115
Male: 15-24 12.1% 52
Males: 25-34 15.0% 110
Males: 35-44 19.0% 173
Male: 45-54 8.7% 214
Male: 55+ 8.2% 283
All Females (15+) 37.0% 81
Female: 15-24 9.7% 52
Females: 25-34 8.8% 77
Females: 35-44 9.8% 104
Female: 45-54 4.1% 109
Female: 55+ 4.6% 206

*Composition Index Page Views = % of Classifieds Page Views / % of Total Internet Page Views x 100; Index of 100 indicates average representation.

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