Majority of Smartphone Owners in Japan are Males under the Age of 35

Comscore Releases Latest Insights on Smartphone Usage in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, December 6, 2011 – Comscore Japan KK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the latest report on smartphone users in Japan from its Comscore MobiLens service. The report found that males made up the majority of the smartphone owners in the market at 61.5 percent of the total audience in October, while those under the age of 35 accounted for more than half of all smartphone owners. Comscore also announced that its MobiLens service is now available with monthly data, offering companies additional insights into Japanese mobile behaviors.

“Smartphones are an increasingly important part of Japanese mobile culture as a growing number of people adopt these devices,” said Daizo Nishitani, vice president of Comscore Japan KK. “Understanding the characteristics of smartphone users is critical for stakeholders across the mobile landscape, including handset manufacturers, operating systems, app developers, advertisers and publishers.”

Smartphone Owners are More Likely to be Younger Males from Kanto/Koushinestu

Analysis of smartphone owners in Japan (defined as those phones that use the Google, Apple, Microsoft and other platforms) found that males composed a majority of the smartphone audience base, accounting for 61.5 percent of smartphone owners in October representing nearly 9 million users. Females composed the remaining 38.5 percent of the audience or 5.6 million users. Half (51.8 percent) of smartphone owners are under the age of 35, with persons age 25-34 composing the largest cohort at 25.6 percent of the smartphone audience (3.7 million people).

The Kanto/Koushinestu region was home to the largest percentage of smartphone owners in Japan at 39.7 percent or nearly 5.8 million people. The Kansai region was home to 19.6 percent of smartphone owners in October, followed by Chubu (13.8 percent) and Kyushu (11.8 percent).

Smartphone Owner Demographic Profile
October 2011
Total Japan Mobile Audience Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens
  Total Smartphone Audience (000) % of Smartphone Audience
Total Audience: 13+ yrs old 14,560 100.0%
Male 8,957 61.5%
Female 5,603 38.5%
Persons Age: 13-17 992 6.8%
Persons Age: 18-24 2,828 19.4%
Persons Age: 25-34 3,726 25.6%
Persons Age: 35-44 3,300 22.7%
Persons Age: 45-54 1,826 12.5%
Persons Age: 55-64 1,248 8.6%
Persons Age: 65+ 640 4.4%
Hokkaido 469 3.2%
Touhoku 793 5.4%
Kanto/Koushinestu 5,787 39.7%
Chubu 2,014 13.8%
Kansai 2,853 19.6%
Chugoku 573 3.9%
Shikoku 248 1.7%
Kyushu 1,724 11.8%

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