Smartphone Adoption Continues to Grow in Japan

Comscore Releases Latest Mobile Industry Insights from its MobiLens Service

Tokyo, Japan, February 24, 2011 – Comscore Japan KK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the latest insights into mobile usage in Japan from its Comscore MobiLens service The report found that Japanese users are continuing to adopt smartphone devices, with Apple and Google platforms seeing significant increases in subscribers.

Japanese Beginning to Adopt Smartphones

Compared to other mobile markets such as the U.S. and Europe, smartphone adoption (defined as those phones that use the Microsoft, Google, Apple, Symbian or Palm platforms) has remained relatively low in Japan. Recently, carriers and operating systems have made the push into Japan to introduce smartphones into this sophisticated mobile market. Analysis of smartphone adoption during December 2010 revealed that 7 million mobile users in Japan (7 percent of the total mobile market) are smartphone owners, an increase of 33.5 percent from September 2010 when Comscore first introduced its MobiLens service into Japan. Many smartphones in Japan have advanced capabilities such as mobile wallet, 1seg TV and waterproof features, all of which encourage current feature phone users to switch to smartphone devices.

Smartphone and Non-Smartphone Usage in Japan
December 2010
Total Japan Mobile Audience Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens

Total Audience (000)

Share of Total Mobile Audience

Total Mobile Audience



Non-Smartphone Users



Smartphone Users



When looking at smartphone platform adoption in Japan, the study found that Apple and Google account for the largest number of smartphone users. In December 2010, 3.8 million smartphone subscribers used Apple devices, up 48 percent from June 2010. Google Android devices witnessed a surge in users growing to more than 2 million in December 2010, up from just 435,000 users in June.

Apple, Google and Microsoft Smartphone Platform Audience in Japan
June, September and December 2010
Total Japan Mobile Audience Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens

Total Audience (000)




Total Smartphone Audience
















Comscore MobiLens provides an unparalleled view of the Japan, U.S. and European mobile media landscapes, connecting data on mobile consumer demographics and behaviors with device capabilities to providing brand marketers with insights into technology and consumer trends in the dynamic mobile media market.

Mr. Shin Imamura, data technology division, marketing department at OPT, Inc. (JASDAQ: 2389), who have recently adopted the use of Comscore MobiLens data, commented, “We have long been researching and analyzing Japan’s mobile environment, and we expect that through the adoption of Comscore MobiLens, we will further deepen our understanding of Japan’s mobile users.”

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