Comscore Announces Global Launch of Digital Analytix™, the Evolution of Web Analytics

Highly Flexible Solution Frees Marketers to Get the Insights they Need and Provides a More Unified View of Digital Consumer Behavior

RESTON, VA, March 14, 2011 - Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the global launch of Comscore Digital Analytix™, an evolutionary solution in web analytics that enables digital marketers and analytics professionals to conduct in-depth forensic research on site-level activity through this highly agile and flexible data analysis architecture. Powered by the proprietary Comscore Atomix™ technology, Digital Analytix utilizes unaggregated data that gives users the ability to run the reports they want, to deliver the insights they need.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of Comscore Digital Analytix, the evolution of web analytics,” said Dr. Magid Abraham, Comscore President & CEO. “This groundbreaking solution solves two of the most prevalent issues with web analytics today. While many web analytics tools use aggregated data sets that frequently handcuff the user from running the forensic analysis they desire, our Atomix technology maintains an unaggregated data set that can be manipulated from its raw form to address any business question. Secondly, we are introducing a new dimension to the web analytics universe with audience demographics so that users can understand site-level activity within the context of a broader marketing strategy. We believe these advantages combine for a truly unique offering that will deliver cross-organizational insights that help businesses optimize their digital strategies.”

Comscore Digital Analytix offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible reporting architecture
  • Fast reporting and granular insights
  • Easy to implement for publishers (with the ability to leverage their existing Media Metrix UDM tag for Digital Analytix reporting)
  • Campaign-level insights
  • Cross-platform measurement
  • Sleek, new, user-friendly interface

The Evolution of Web Analytics into a More Unified View of Behavior
Comscore Digital Analytix leverages the product architecture and expertise of Nedstat, a leading European web analytics company acquired by Comscore in 2010, and its award-winning flagship product Sitestat. Both the Nedstat and Sitestat brands will immediately be absorbed into the Comscore brand architecture.

Comscore is also bringing its unique expertise in audience measurement to the web analytics universe in developing a breakthrough technology that combines deep analytics insight with audience profiling. This advancement will enable digital marketers to map the behaviors occurring across their sites to the audience demographics of the people engaging in these activities. This link will enhance publishers’ abilities to tie higher level marketing strategies to actual conversion, providing a truly unified view of digital consumer behavior.

Clients Voice Support
The following Nedstat Sitestat clients, who are migrating to the new Digital Analytix platform, voiced their support for the evolutionary product:

“The evolution in web analytics introduced today in the Digital Analytix platform by Comscore is an example of why we selected them as our web-analytics partner early last year,” says Shorful Islam, Head of Business Information and Customer Data Strategy of ITV Online. “Their flexible design and advanced video tracking capabilities were a key criteria for ITV and their continued innovations integrating audience insights will enable us to create even more compelling advertising opportunities for our leading entertainment content.”

“Future prides itself on reaching and engaging prosumers, customers who are truly passionate about their interests. Comscore’s new Digital Analytix platform allows us to more easily identify these enthusiasts online and enables us to build international communities for a loyal, committed audience,” says Andrew White, Head of Marketing Services for Future Publishing Ltd. “Fast access to data and behavioural insights allow us to more effectively manage our large portfolio of sites by fine tuning our content to maximize its commercial potential. The innovation of aligning web analytics and audience demographics announced today by Comscore is a vital next step for cross-platform leaders like Future to capture the potential of the digital economy.”

“The launch of Comscore Digital Analytix marks an important step in the evolution of web analytics. International media groups like Eurosport need to have quick access to reliable site-level customer behaviour data to fully monetise premium content across the multitude of platforms used by today’s digital consumers. With access to granular data and consumer insight we can successfully build efficient content creation and monetisation strategies. This is fundamental and profitable to both publishers and advertisers.” - Arnaud Maillard, New Media Director, Eurosport.

“The speed and flexibility of the Comscore Digital Analytix platform has enabled our organization to more easily understand the rapidly changing digital audience that consumes media across a multitude of devices. The innovation to integrate audience insight into the platform is a unique capability and is of interest to euronews looking to better monetize its premium content. We applaud Comscore’s initiative.” - Olivier de Montchenu, Managing Director euronews Sales.

''The Comscore Digital Analytix platform gives us the insights to improve our customer experience. Their cross media capabilities help us to understand changing consumer behaviours, adapt our digital strategies and ultimately to achieve our business goals.'' - Erik de Gruijter, Manager Cross Media Intelligence, Wegener Media BV (part of Mecom Group, a European content and consumer business with over 300 titles and 200 websites)

“The new features of the Digital Analytix platform are very fast. I love the fact that you can quickly edit report items in report builder with one click and that data retrieval happens even while you are in another tab. Good job on the whole.” - Daniel Froud, Customer Insight & Business Intelligence Manager, HostelBookers

“The changes you've introduced in the new Digital Analytix platform are simply fantastic.” - Jagjeet Mann, Web Analytics Manager, Ladbrokes eGaming

“The new user interface introduced with the launch of Digital Analytix is fast and easy to use - overall, a very positive move.” - Kelly McClean, Senior Web Analyst, Cantos Communications (UK) LLP

Live Webinars on Tuesday, 29th March 2011
Comscore will be hosting two complimentary webinars on March 29, 2011 entitled "The Evolution of Web Analytics". During this session we will introduce Comscore Digital Analytix™, the next generation web analytics solution that combines the best of audience measurement and web analytics. To accommodate multiple time zones, we are offering two sessions:

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