Comscore Introduces Revolutionary Multi-Platform Campaign Analytics Solution to Measure Advertising Effectiveness Across TV, Web and Mobile

validated Campaign Essentials™ Multi-Platform (vCE MP) Incorporates National TV Set-Top Box Data from Millions of Households Plus Smartphone and Tablet Data into Existing Web and Online Video GRP Reporting

RESTON, VA, October 16, 2012 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the U.S. launch of validated Campaign Essentials™ Multi-Platform (vCE™ MP), a ground-breaking solution that is the first to provide holistic campaign delivery validation of ad impressions delivered across TV, web (display and video), and mobile (smartphones and tablets). Designed for marketers and media companies who want to understand the accuracy of multi-platform ad campaign delivery, vCE MP quantifies the total combined advertising reach across platforms and incremental reach of each medium for a given campaign. Campaign reporting includes multi-platform person-based measures of demographics, reach/frequency and GRPs, establishing a metrics standard that is comparable across media channels.

“The launch of vCE MP is an exciting milestone for Comscore that brings to market a revolutionary product that sets the tone for the future of campaign analytics,” said Cameron Meierhoefer, COO of Comscore. “Existing cross-platform solutions are limited by the use of traditional panel-based measurement approaches that simply can’t scale effectively to account for the variety of digital media platforms that consumers use every day. To get meaningful campaign insights, sample sizes in the millions – not thousands – are required, and Comscore’s census-based multi-platform methodology delivers exactly that. The result is a campaign analytics product that is both robust and comprehensive enough to address the key questions our clients are asking.”

vCE MP Product Details
vCE MP is a census-based campaign analytics solution that leverages panel-based insights to validate ad delivery, including person-centric audience measurement of holistic and incremental reach, frequency and GRPs across channels.

Key product features and highlights include:

  • Unduplicated Person-Based Measurement of Audiences Across Platforms.vCE MP relies on person-based (not cookie-based) measurement of reach/frequency and GRPs. Cookie-based approaches routinely overstate reach and understate frequency due to the increase in cookie proliferation across digital media devices, which is a problem for marketers who rely on these metrics to make allocations within and across media platforms.
  • Campaign Reporting for TV, Web, Smartphones and Tablets. vCE MP provides cross-platform reporting of not just TV and online campaigns, but also those appearing on mobile channels – specifically smartphones and tablets. Existing marketplace solutions have not been able to effectively scale their reporting to the mobile screens that are such an integral component of today’s digital media landscape.
  • Multi-Platform Unification Using the Comscore Census Network™. At the center of the product’s methodology is the Comscore Census Network, a unique asset that uses common census data touchpoints to thread together multiple media platforms into a single unified view of digital consumer behavior and ad exposure.
  • Robust Sample Sizes. The Comscore Census Network also has the benefit of observing digital media events at a census-level, resulting in campaign sample sizes covering the breadth of platforms often numbering in the millions rather than limited to a couple of platforms with sample sizes in the hundreds.
  • National TV Data from 5 Million U.S. Households. Incorporates advertising data from TV set-top boxes in 5 million U.S. households. Ongoing additional set-top box data integration will continuously expand coverage by millions of households.
  • Viewability Measurement. Includes viewability measurement for display ads based on Comscore’s MRC accredited vCE technology so that impressions are based on the same ‘opportunity to see’ standard that has been traditionally used in TV measurement.

How to Participate in vCE MP Beta
The vCE MP Beta program is available in the U.S. Broadcast and cable TV networks, marketers, ad agencies, online publishers and other members of the multi-platform advertising ecosystem interested in the Beta should contact their Comscore client service representative. During the Beta period, potential participants’ campaigns will be evaluated for study according to the size and scope of campaigns with priority given to earliest responders.

Leading Companies Highlight Benefits of vCE MP
More than 120 advertisers and agencies and 80 publishers in 28 countries have conducted digital campaign measurement with Comscore vCE, which received MRC accreditation in August for campaign verification.

“Advertising measurement across TV, digital and mobile has long been heralded as the holy grail of media research. Having access to ad delivery data across multiple screens, including mobile, should provide answers to critical measurement and effectiveness questions that the market has been seeking for years. We applaud Comscore for its innovation in this space.”

– Brad Smallwood, Head of Measurement and Insights, Facebook

“Video viewing has evolved well beyond TV and online to mobile platforms, like tablets and smartphones, as consumers become increasingly platform agnostic in their content consumption. There's a been a strong and growing need for a cross-platform campaign analytics solution that aligns with the realities of how content and advertising are currently delivered. vCE MP uses a novel approach in addressing these needs to help advertisers get smarter about allocating their media across screens.”

– Daryl McNutt, SVP of Research & Marketing, BrightRoll

“As we continue to build more meaningful experiences to connect our clients’ brands and to follow the consumer reaching them across multiple media, it’s important to measure how delivery and impact on these channels – both individually and in combination with one another – can drive value and efficiency is reaching our desired audiences. We applaud Comscore’s innovation in methodology to help us and our clients measure those campaigns across those multiple platforms. vCE MP is a welcome addition to the multi-platform marketplace because it addresses the need for demographics, reach/frequency, and GRPs within and across platforms, and bring us an important step closer to a standard currency across all options. SMG is proud to have been at the forefront of this critical endeavor and look forward to our continued work with Comscore during this Beta program.”

– Kate Sirkin, EVP Global Research Director, Starcom MediaVest Group

“Accurately quantifying unduplicated audiences across platforms has arguably been the media industry’s most critical challenge as we’ve watched the media environment fragment over the past few years. It was a challenge without any apparent solution because aggregating a single-source panel of any reasonable sample size is cost prohibitive. Comscore’s solution to this problem leverages their digital and big data expertise to provide a unified multi-platform view of campaigns, which promises to deliver significant value to the industry.”

– Hernan Lopez, President and CEO, Fox International Channels

“Having insight into ad delivery across platforms enables us to evaluate our media allocation holistically, which can help deliver marketing efficiencies. Individual media channels can be effective at building reach in a particular demographic up to a certain level but invariably reach a point of diminishing marginal returns. The ability to layer other channels on top of our existing TV or digital campaigns can help us further optimize our marketing mix and keep our reach curves moving up and to the right.”

– Aaron Fetters, Director Insights & Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company

“Content today lives in a multi-platform world and advertisers connect with their audiences across multiple touchpoints on a regular basis. Understanding how advertising across media channels – whether it is TV, mobile or web – reaches our viewers and the extent to which our various media channels build reach has significant implication for how we monetize our content. vCE MP offers exactly the sorts of insights needed to quantify the performance of multi-platform advertising and demonstrate the value of our platforms.”

– John Kahan, GM, Business & Customer Intelligence, Microsoft Online Services

“Multi-platform campaign measurement has the potential to unlock significant value for both marketers and media companies. When media platforms remain siloed, optimization only occurs with respect to that medium alone. But when they are integrated, the ability to maximize reach and frequency among the desired consumer targets becomes greatly enhanced.”

– Andrew Ward, Group VP, Comcast Media 360

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