Comscore and i360 Team Up to Provide Digital Marketing Insights for Political Campaigns and Advocacy Groups

Strategic Collaboration Links U.S. Voter Segments to Online Consumer Behaviors,Offering Actionable Insight for Reaching and Engaging Political Audiences with Digital Media

RESTON, VA, April 17, 2012 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced a collaboration with i360, a leading data and technology resource for the pro-business political and advocacy community, to provide insights into the online behavior of the U.S. voting public through Segment Metrix 2.0™, Comscore’s next-generation audience-segmentation tool. As one of the third-party segmentation schemes now offered in Segment Metrix 2.0, i360 Segments leverage offline data on voter registration, political affiliation, issue alignment, and behavioral demographics to reveal new insights for pro-free-market political advertisers to develop more effective digital campaign strategies.

“Comscore is excited to team up with i360 to provide the political and public affairs community with an industry-leading solution for analyzing the online behaviors of Internet users across highly targeted political segments,” said James Muldrow, Comscore Product Manager for Segment Metrix. “Through the integration of i360’s wealth of data points on the American voting population and our online behavioral insights, clients now have an unprecedented view into how audiences exhibiting certain political behaviors and characteristics engage with various online media.”

“Political strategists and issue advocates rely heavily on political affiliation, issue alignment, and behavioral demographics data to target their advertising campaigns and reach prospective supporters efficiently. As a larger share of campaign dollars moves online, leveraging this data to analyze voters’ online behavior will yield immediate returns to political advertisers,” said Michael Palmer, i360 Chief Operating Officer. “As a leading provider of intelligent data on the American voting public, we’re pleased to work with Comscore to provide a powerful tool that allows clients to plan their online strategy with an unprecedented level of precision.”

i360 Segments Enable Marketers to Link Political Affiliations and Attitudes to Online Behavior

The introduction of i360 Segments in Segment Metrix 2.0 enables clients to profile online audiences based on audience demographics, political affiliation, attitudes toward economic and social issues, and other characteristics such as income and purchasing preferences. Marketers can cross such audience segments with online behavioral data to understand where these specific segments are going online and how they engage with different media properties and content categories. Similar to all the Segment Metrix 2.0 segmentation offerings, i360 Segments are based on completely anonymized data used only for aggregate market research reporting purposes.

An analysis on the political affiliation of visitors to selected sites highlights the type of insights available through i360 Segments in Segment Metrix 2.0. The table below analyzes the share of minutes consumed by target segments on particular sites in February 2012, revealing significant variances in engagement across political affiliation groups. For instance, Democrats accounted for nearly 70 percent of all time spent on and more than 40 percent of time spent on Meanwhile, Republicans accounted for nearly two-thirds of all time spent on and more than 50 percent of time spent on Political marketers seeking to engage particular audiences can use such metrics to understand which sites enable them to reach their desired targets most efficiently.

Share of Total Minutes Spent on Selected Sites
Segmented by Political Affiliation
February 2012
Total U.S. - Home and Work Locations
Source: Comscore Segment Metrix 2.0, i360 Segments

Selected Sites

Political Affiliation







The New York Times Brand






13.7% Sites




Dow Jones & Company
















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“Insights into which online properties most effectively reach and engage target audiences are crucial for marketers looking to deliver a strong message to the right audience with limited resources,” added Muldrow. “Our collaboration with i360 allows us to provide this kind of intelligence to political campaigns and advocacy groups during the important 2012 election season and beyond.”

Apart from i360, Segment Metrix 2.0 also offers industry-leading segmentation schemes available for the U.S. population from Kantar Shopcom, IXI (an Equifax Company), Infogroup, Bizo, Catalist, Acxiom PersonicX, and Nielsen PRIZM.

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