Comscore Now Offers Actionable Brand Metrics for Mobile Advertising on Smartphones and Tablets

vCE Mobile and vME Mobile Provide Audience Delivery Metrics and GRPs to Help Advertisers and Publishers Evaluate Performance of Ad Campaigns and Inventory

RESTON, VA, April 16, 2014 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today announced that actionable brand metrics for mobile ad campaigns are now available to advertiser and publisher clients through validated Campaign Essentials™ Mobile (vCE Mobile) and validated Media Essentials™ Mobile (vME Mobile). These ad measurement solutions provide demographic delivery insights for ads appearing on smartphones and tablets, both in-app and via mobile web. With actionable data to measure the performance of brand advertising, from both a campaign and inventory management perspective, advertisers and publishers now have cross-media comparable metrics – such as demographic delivery, reach, frequency and GRPs – to optimize their media allocations.

“More than half of digital media engagement is now spent on smartphones and tablets, but mobile advertising is currently just one-sixth of the digital ad market. Mobile’s ability to realize its potential depends in large part on the ability to measure its performance, especially in relation to other media channels,” said Mark Donovan, Chief Marketing Officer of Comscore. “vCE and vME Mobile provide required metrics to measure and optimize the performance of campaigns. As brand marketers increasingly focus on integrated cross-platform campaigns, our solutions will help bring smartphones and tablets into the same consideration set as TV and desktop display.”

Having completed initial testing of this capability with multiple data partners and clients, Comscore is now expanding its roll-out of vCE Mobile and vME Mobile as part of a Charter Program. Advertisers, agencies and publishers interested in measuring their advertising through these solutions should contact their Comscore account representative or email us at

vCE Mobile and vME Mobile Benefit the Mobile Ad Ecosystem
vCE Mobile and vME Mobile can help advance the development of the mobile ad sectors in the following ways:

  • Facilitate Cross-Platform Campaign Buying, Planning and Evaluation – Significant efficiencies can be achieved by marketers who use an integrated view of media to optimize against their reach and frequency objectives. The availability of the same performance metrics for smartphones and tablets that are currently available for desktop display enables integrated media planning and buying.
  • Deliver Actionable Performance Metrics – Mobile campaigns currently lack actionable metrics beyond the click-through rate, which is insufficient for measuring branding campaigns. Mobile campaign performance metrics allow brands to measure the delivery of their campaigns against their objectives and to optimize accordingly to significantly improve campaign efficiency and reduce wasted ad spend.
  • Improve Mobile Ad Monetization – Average mobile CPMs often run at a fraction of desktop display ads, in part because the lack of metrics to properly evaluate performance reduces advertiser demand for these impressions. Mobile ad metrics mean an improved ability to allocate dollars in accordance with a medium’s performance against marketing objectives.

Comscore Clients and Partners Voice Support 
“In the absence of better metrics for measuring mobile ads, the industry will continue to rely on mobile click-through rates, which often don't track to the campaign KPI and are the result of fat finger syndrome. Brands ultimately want to know that their mobile ads are having a chance to deliver an impact on their target consumers, and vCE Mobile promises to deliver the actionable metrics needed to evaluate campaigns.”
-- Kate Sirkin, EVP Research, Starcom MediaVest Group

“As a leader in mobile as well as cross-platform marketing solutions, it's never been more valuable to have cross-platform measurement capabilities. We welcome metrics that will make it easier for marketers to deliver their message across all screens.”
-- Indira Venkat, Senior Vice President, Research, The Weather Company

“Mobile is clearly the next big frontier in digital brand advertising, but its growth greatly depends on the availability of actionable demographics and other campaign performance metrics. vCE Mobile offers the validated third-party metrics needed by marketers and publishers to transact more confidently.”
-- Eric Stein, Executive Vice President of Online Solutions, Epsilon

“BrightRoll customers depend on vCE to measure the performance of their online video ad campaigns, so they understandably want similar metrics for mobile. vCE Mobile will bring new capabilities to the BrightRoll platform and provide customers with trusted, cross-media KPIs needed to help further bridge the gap between mobile and traditional media.”
-- Tim Avila, Senior Vice President of Marketing Operations, BrightRoll

“Better measurement is essential to the continued growth of the mobile advertising market, and we look forward to collaborating with Comscore to bring more actionable data to marketers.”
-- Evan Conway, Vice President, Monetization & Strategy, Pinsight Media+, a division of Sprint

“With mobile now accounting for the majority of digital media usage, the industry can no longer afford to have it siloed off from a planning and buying process. vCE Mobile allows for mobile to vie for its fair share of advertising while radically streamlining the cross-media campaign evaluation workflow.”
-- Jonathan Lopes, Director, Strategy & Analysis, DigitasLBi

About Comscore
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