Comscore Launches Mobile Metrix® in Argentina for Reporting of Mobile Web and App Audiences

Mobile Metrix Provides Insights of iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets Audiences

Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 8, 2014 – Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a global leader in measuring the digital world, today announced the launch of Comscore Mobile Metrix® in Argentina for the reporting of mobile web and app audiences on smartphones and tablets. Mobile Metrix allows publishers to demonstrate the value of their mobile audiences to advertisers with trusted audience measurement data; and allows media planners and advertisers to evaluate advertising opportunities on mobile devices that meet their marketing objectives.

“With so much digital media activity in Argentina now happening on smartphones and tablets, it’s especially critical to account for mobile audiences,” said Marcos Christensen, Country Manager in Argentina. “Media companies want to ensure they get credit for these valuable audiences, and media planners and buyers need to know which apps and mobile websites are attracting people’s attention. Mobile Metrix can provide the insights needed to inform better media buying and selling strategies and support the development of the mobile advertising market in Argentina.”

Mobile Metrix helps clients address the following questions:

  • What is the size and audience composition of mobile sites and apps?
  • How does mobile usage at various publishers break down between smartphones and tablets?
  • How do mobile audiences vary by operating system?
  • Which web sites / apps / content categories are growing faster on mobile platforms?
  • How is your mobile web site or app performing vs your competitor and vs the market as a whole?

Mobile Metrix Methodology
As part of Comscore's commitment to a global roll-out for Mobile Metrix, this version of the product has been developed based on Comscore’s innovative census-based methodology, which enables in-market mobile measurement without the need of a traditional mobile panel. Using census-only methodologies validated against our combined panel and census services, the output delivers accurate, person-centric measurement for publishers who participate with Comscore by tagging their digital content assets. It is therefore important for publishers with a need to quantify and monetize their mobile audiences to participate in this tagging process.

Top Web Sites Visited from Mobile Devices in Argentina.
Grupo Clarin ranked as the top mobile web property in March with 2.85 million smartphone visitors, with 94% of those visitors coming from Android Phones. Yahoo Sites secured the position No. 2 with 2.26 million smartphone visitors, followed by with 1.12 million.

Grupo Clarin also ranked at the top of the list in terms of tablet audience with 669 thousand visitors, followed by Yahoo Sites with 495 thousand visitors and Grupo La Nacion with 376 thousand visitors.

Top 10 Tagged Mobile Properties in Argentina Ranked by Unique Visitors (000)
March 2014
Argentina (Age 18+ on iOS and Android Platforms for Mobile, Browser Access Only)
Source: Comscore Mobile Metrix®
Top Tagged Properties Total Unique Visitors (000)
All Smartphones iPhone Android Phone All Tablets
Grupo Clarin 2,848 165 2,683 669
Yahoo Sites 2,259 134 2,126 495 1,124 88 1,036 238
AccuWeather Sites 902 6 896 76
Ask Network 782 27 756 188
CMI Digital 721 43 678 141
Grupo La Nacion 701 68 633 376
IDG Network 619 49 570 126
Unidad Medios Digitales 589 42 547 141 580 36 544 96

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