Comscore Reinvents its Branded Content Offering Through Partnership with Hive to Further Accelerate Use of AI Across its Product Portfolio

Partnership will integrate AI-powered datasets into Comscore’s product portfolio, enabling new products and expanded capabilities to serve clients starting with launch of branded content measurement platform

RESTON, Va., March 9, 2021 – Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today announced a broad partnership with Hive, a leading provider of enterprise AI solutions. The partnership will enable the integration of AI-powered datasets into Comscore’s product portfolio, resulting in new products and expanded capabilities to serve clients.

Comscore Branded Content® is the first offering to be reimagined through the partnership, integrating enhanced capabilities powered by Hive’s best-in-class computer vision technology. The new product is part of Comscore’s Advertising Suite of Solutions, which provides measurement of advertising across platforms.

Comscore Branded Content® provides brands, agencies, and rights holders with more comprehensive measurement of branded content and sponsorship. Key features of the reimagined offering include:

  • Cross-platform measurement: Always-on monitoring of in-content brand exposures across 100+ national TV networks, with the ability to integrate modular measurement across social media, eSports, over-the-top video, and theatrical releases.
  • Competitive intelligence: Exposure reporting across 5,500+ pre-trained brands in Hive’s logo detection model, enabling new-to-market insight into share of voice and competitors’ branded content strategies.
  • Scalable customization: Use of Hive’s deep learning object detection models and data labeling workforce of more than 2 million registered global contributors to efficiently and accurately identify unbranded product exposures and enrich brand-level reporting by asset type (e.g., logo location).
  • Next-day data: Real-time processing that enables daily updates for faster insights.
  • Comscore audience data: Matching of branded content occurrences with exposure data from Comscore’s massive measurement footprint, which includes 75M+ US TV screens, 175M+ US desktop screens, 230M+ US mobile screens, and 44K North American movie theatre screens.
  • Point-and-click dashboard: Intuitive, interactive data visualization, with the ability to customize reporting and easily export data for offline analysis.

“Our partnership with Hive further accelerates Comscore’s commitment to innovation,” said Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore. “Integrating Hive’s industry-leading technology into our product portfolio will create further differentiated products that help our clients achieve their measurement agendas.”

“We are excited to partner with Comscore,” said Dan Calpin, President – Enterprise AI, Hive. “Our ambition is to power the transformation of industries with practical applications of artificial intelligence, and Comscore’s leadership position in the measurement industry will accelerate our impact across the media ecosystem.”

Editor's note: To arrange an interview with Carol Hinnant, contact Neil Ripley at or +1 646-746-0579. To arrange an interview with Dan Calpin, contact Kristy Yang at or +1 415 562 6943.

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