- January 24, 2023

Food and Grocery Social Media Ranking by Engagement in India

Roberta Cavalcante
Roberta Cavalcante
Senior Corporate Marketing Manager
The food and grocery industry in India is a large and diverse sector that includes a wide range of products, from packaged foods and beverages to fresh produce, meat, and dairy. It’s a sector that has been growing rapidly, driven by a growing population, rising incomes, and increasing urbanization which combines with a growing number of e-commerce platforms and online grocery delivery services.

During the month of December of 2022, the top properties at food and grocery category generated more than 2 million actions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with an audience size over 70 million people.

KFC, a global fast-food brand, has the highest audience size: 59 million among all the brands listed. However, it is ranked 5th on the list in terms of engagement, which may indicate that the brand has a large reach but may not be as successful in engaging its audience as the top brands.

Amul has the highest number of actions, which suggests that the brand is actively engaging with its audience on social media and has a strong following and they hold the third-ranked brand with 2,393,538 follower's cross platform. 

Top 12 Social Properties in Food and Grocery Category in India, December 2022 Actions (cross platform) Audience (cross platform)
1 Amul (IN) 820,116 2,393,538
2 Paper Boat (IN) 174,071 563,767
3 Swiggy (IN) 150,660 1,517,777
4 Vadilal (IN) 85,155 979,909
5 KFC (IN) 72,039 59,044,128
6 Vidya's kitchen yummy cakes (IN) 61,569 600,865
7 Bingo (IN) 52,163 4,146,092
8 Parle-G (IN) 47,076 768,214
9 Sleepy Owl (IN) 46,541 84,875
10 Mccain (IN) 29,499 173,067
11 Licious (IN) 27,267 169,326
12 London Dairy (IN) 26,963 45,674

Source: Shareablee Powered by Comscore, food and Grocery Category, December 2022, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, India

For Amul, most of its engagement comes from Facebook. As you can see below the new year post reached 54 thousand likes and had 940 comments as well as 532 shares. 

In another hand Paper boat has most of the engagement coming from Instagram. One of the posts in December reached more than 15 thousand actions. 

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