- April 28, 2021

Massive, Passive Measurement Is A Panel-Beater

Carol Hinnant
Carol Hinnant
Chief Revenue Officer

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore’s chief revenue officer Carol Hinnant says a new deal inked with ViacomCBS shows TV networks are coming to value the approach of panel-informed measurement over panel-dependent measurement.

If a tree falls in a forest, but two observers disagree on what exactly happened, did it really make a sound?

That is the key question which has suddenly engulfed the craft of TV measurement, as Nielsen’s admission it may not have measured pandemic TV audiences as well as beforehand has caused TV execs to worry audiences may be as much as 10% under-reported.

For a deep dive into the relative limitations of panel-dependent methodologies, visit Michael Vinson's blog post, Relative Errors in Television Audience Measurement: The Future is Now.

This video was produced by Robert Andrews on  Beet.tv.

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