Discover the value of TV programs and ad content with custom analyses of viewing

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Comscore Rubik™ provides a quick and flexible means to analyze viewing patterns, advertising exposure and consumer behavior against TV ratings within a comprehensive TV analytics platform.
Rubik allows you to create unique targets based on viewing of more than 250 networks and endless combinations of demographic segments to more precisely analyze inventory, report reach and frequency, evaluate advertising campaigns and optimize advertising planning.
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Custom Analyses

Analyze programming and ad success by combining demographics, programming and dayparts to create the custom reports you need.

Custom Analyses

Comscore Advanced Audiences™

Go beyond age/gender to find and reach high-value audiences based on their behavior, interests and lifestyles.

Comscore Advanced Audiences™ - Rubik

Optimized Ad Planning

Maximize ROI with a custom ad schedule generated to fit your unique budget, goals and audience.

Optimized Ad Planning
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of your customer base using Advanced Audiences and custom reports to pinpoint which audience segments are watching and when.
  • Reliably plan and sell advertising using dynamic targets to assess spot and promotion effectiveness.
  • Prove the value of your audience to buyers by helping buyers identify and reach high-value targets.
  • More effectively plan advertising by comparing networks and dayparts for their success against every desired combination of demographic segments.
  • Build an optimized ad plan by evaluating your current schedule or generate a custom schedule based on your budget, goals and target consumers’ viewing habits.
  • Determine a campaign’s success by discovering how many viewers of an earlier promotion later tuned into programming.

Meet the Experts

Renee Nelson
Renee Nelson
SVP, GM, Television and Cross Platform Products

Renee brings deep and broad experience in product management to Comscore. Prior to her role as SVP and GM of TV and Cross Platform Products and Comscore, she served as one of the first employees at Cox Media Group-funded Ad Tech venture Videa where she helped build, deploy and enhance the strategy, products and team.

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