I enjoy the benefits of being at a mature company and the thrill of being at a start-up.

When I first started at comScore 9 years ago, I never imaged that I’d still be here so many years later. But it’s been a wild ride – once that’s been enjoyable all the way.

There isn’t much I’d think about changing about my career at comScore. Despite being more than a decade old, 1000+ person organization, comScore is one of those rare companies where no two days are alike and you still learn new things every day. Not only does each day bring its own adventure, but each year brings its own reward. I’ve been a project manager, a product manager and a product team leader at comScore. The people and the organization organically push people to deliver their creative best to the company. With that comes a personal fulfillment of knowing that you’ve helped to push the digital media industry forward in the right direction.

The organization is extremely flat. Not only do employees have direct exposure to clients (regardless of the type of role one is in), but if you’ve got a creative idea that warrants your SVP’s or even the CTO’s attention, you’ll get that at comScore.

I’ve seen comScore grow up from being a 250 person organization that even in 2005 was delivering value that no-one else in the world could deliver, to a market leader that is ubiquitously recognized as being a trend-setter in measuring the digital world. I get to enjoy the benefits of being at a mature company and get the thrill of being at a start-up. Whilst that may sound like a paradox, at comScore that’s what every day is – and I love it.