- October 4, 2011

Apple Quotes Comscore MobiLens Live Onstage at 'Let’s Talk iPhone' Event

At Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 4S today at their headquarters in Cupertino, we were excited to see Comscore’s data featured prominently for the second time in a major Apple presentation. Previously, as part of the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote presentation in June, the same chart was used to illustrate the prominence of the Apple iOS in having the largest current mobile installed base of smartphones and connected devices.

Source: Apple, Inc.

This chart, which was derived from data in Comscore’s syndicated MobiLens service, illustrates each platform’s share of the total universe of smartphones and connected devices in use (excluding feature phones and devices such as e-readers that are not running on an OS capable of running applications). The iOS share accounts for each iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in use. Similarly, the Android share accounts for phones and tablets running on the Android platform. In sum, this chart shows that out of the total universe of devices running on these mobile platforms, the Apple iOS currently has the largest share of the market at 43 percent.

Now that it has been confirmed that the iPhone 4S will be available on the Sprint network, how might Apple’s share of this pie change? Which market segments traditionally underserved by the platform are now within reach? Read our recent report on the impact of the next iPhone on the telecom industry at large.

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