- September 13, 2016

Have We Reached ‘Peak App’?

Recently there’s been quite a bit of talk in the tech and media industries that the app boom is over. The narrative is that consumers already have all the apps they need, that the market is mature, that the introduction of new apps is no longer exciting, that people may even start deleting some of their current ones, and that breaking through as a new app will be a rare occurrence reserved only for the few standouts going forward.

The following infographic examines whether we have, in fact, reached this moment of ‘peak app’. While the data indicates we’re not there yet, we do believe that the app market is tightening and publishers will need to rethink how to break through to the consumer’s screen in the face of these challenges.

Below is a preview of the infographic, which borrowed several insights from our broader 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report. Download the full infographic and report to learn more.

Download Report and Infographic

Peak App - Mobile App Report Infographic
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