- June 22, 2022

How Comscore and YouTube Unlock the Power of CTV

Tina Daniels
Tina Daniels
Managing Director, Agency & Brand Measurement Analytics

Consumers are flocking to new ways of watching content and connected TV (CTV) is emerging as the new mainstream media providing richer and more diverse experiences.

According to Comscore’s latest State of Streaming insights (Comscore CTV Intelligence™), 79% of Wifi-enabled homes are watching streaming content on CTV devices and spending about 122 hours per month doing so – a 19% growth from March 2021. For advertisers, the opportunity to effectively reach and engage consumers in this dynamic environment is more important than ever before.

Google has partnered with Comscore to measure over 20 campaigns so far this year–with leading brands across CPG, Automotive, Travel, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and Entertainment–in order to understand how YouTube drives campaign success in combination with traditional TV spend. Comscore's TV, digital and social data scale enables privacy-safe accurate measurement, including co-viewing for CTV, providing a complete view of audience reach and overlap across platforms.

As the first solution to offer in-flight deduplicated reach and frequency audience insights for YouTube across desktop, mobile and CTV, Comscore found that:

  • YouTube provides unique reach beyond traditional linear TV: On average, 38% of the YouTube audience did not see the ad on linear TV.
  • Nearly half of YouTube viewers in the desired demo watch YouTube on the big screen: On average, 47% of the target audience reached on YouTube saw that ad on YouTube CTV.
  • YouTube CTV enables efficient reach for marketers wanting to connect with consumers across screens: On average, YouTube CTV was 27% more efficient* at delivering on-target ads (inclusive of co-viewing) compared to linear TV.

* Demographic Efficiency Rate = Total On-Target Tracked Ads (Inclusive of Co-Viewing) / Total Tracked Ads Delivered on Platform (No Co-Viewing)

Advertisers are seeking trusted third-party measurement to provide confidence in investing in CTV. Comscore’s Campaign Ratings™ (CCR)–in conjunction with YouTube–ensures transparency in reach for targeted audiences. Enabling one of the largest advertising sources for modern cross-platform measurement, CCR is widely available today. To learn more about CCR’s capabilities and Comscore’s partnership with Google, visit here.


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