- March 6, 2014

Mobile Device Usage: Singapore v/s Hong Kong

Singapore and Hong Kong have been the most rapidly developing and fiercely competitive metros in Asia Pacific in the last four decades. Hong Kong has a longer history as a business center but Singapore has caught up quickly. It’s only natural that among other socio-economic and financial comparisons the two cities also get compared for their connectivity and mobile usage.

We are excited to share some interesting data that shows how mobile device usage in Hong Kong and Singapore compares. This data is made available through Comscore Device Essentials™, a service that offer global mobile insights from sixty countries with region-level reporting. Device Essentials provides unique device and traffic share information by network operator, along with device characteristics, to deliver an in-depth profile of audience traffic for any market.

This infographic provides some key findings:

  • Tablet adoption in Singapore is slightly higher than Hong Kong
  • Singapore continues to favor iOS while Android is more popular in Hong Kong
  • News Information /Weather is amongst the most popular category on mobile phones
  • Singaporeans get their Sports updates on mobile devices while Hong Kong residents bid and shop “on the go”

Click here to download the full size infographic.