- April 6, 2020

Navigating the New Normal: How Comscore is Helping Agencies Adjust to Rapidly Changing Media Consumption Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

John Bulgrin
John Bulgrin
Senior Vice President, Commercial

As the world adapts to the ongoing COVID-19 public health measures, consumers are making significant changes to the way they interact with content and advertising across platforms. The millions of Americans remaining indoors – in many cases in households with children home from school – are driving record levels of engagement across digital channels.

In analyzing our latest digital audience figures last week, Comscore CEO Bill Livek noted that “the incredible audience growth across just about every category shows no sign of letting up as Americans seek out news updates, begin to adjust learning approaches for at-home children, and overcome the isolating effects of social distancing. As the pandemic continues, consumers are getting used to seeing a wider range of advertising alongside COVID-19 content.”

It’s clear that this “new normal” of rapidly-shifting media consumption has changed how agencies and marketers are thinking about advertising. Against this backdrop, Comscore has begun creating customized digital audience research to help our customers understand the latest digital media trends. Our new weekly reporting, drawing on Comscore’s privacy-safe granular digital audience insights, builds on the latest data trends observed in our dedicated insights hub.

Although we’re still in the early stages, we’re already seeing some great examples of how agencies are using custom research to advise their clients. In the extraordinary times we are living through, Publicis Media has worked with Comscore to receive custom weekly digital media reporting for the U.S. and global markets in order to provide clients with a current and ongoing look at how people’s digital usage is shifting. 

“We need to be especially nimble and flexible in our analysis of media consumption, and Comscore’s weekly delivery helps us help our clients understand an important element of consumers’ media behavior,” said Eric Cavanaugh, SVP, Research, Analytics & Insight, Publicis Media Data Sciences.

To learn more about Comscore’s customized reporting for agencies, please contact us today.

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Coronavirus Insights

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