- August 27, 2019

Top 10 Entertainment video content entities in India in June 2019

Jansen Bek
Jansen Bek
Marketing Manager APAC

Comscore Video Metrix® Multi-Platform (VMX MP) provides a single, unduplicated measurement of digital video consumption across smartphone, tablet and desktop devices to give clients a deeper understanding of how, when and where video content is consumed. It relies on the Comscore Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) framework, a hybrid measurement approach that utilises panels alongside direct measurement from video publishers via census tags.

Video content publishers interested in participating in multi-platform digital video measurement can ensure comprehensive coverage of the viewing behaviour associated with their content by implementing census tags and deploying Comscore’s mobile SDK. To learn more about tagging, please contact your Comscore account representative. For more information on this report or Comscore VMX Multi-Platform, please contact us.

Although videos are popular across genres, they play a critical role when it comes to entertainment. Entertainment sites contain information related to TV, Movies, Music and Music Players. The top 10 entertainment video content entities for June 2019 are listed below.

Total Audience
Rank Entity Reach (000) % Reach Digital Pop Minutes per Viewer
1 BroadbandTV 149,452 50.9 25.8
2 VEVO 95,913 32.7 15.9
3 ZEFR 84,370 28.8 10.5
4 UPROXX 60,850 20.7 7.6
5 Studio71 Network 59,997 20.5 15.9
6 Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd * 52,096 17.8 68.7
7 Fullscreen Video Network 42,424 14.5 17.5
8 NBCU Digital Entertainment 30,198 10.3 8.2
9 Crackle Plus 26,155 8.9 6.3
10 DAILYMOTION.COM 18,374 6.3 14.3
Source: Comscore VMX® Multi-Platform, Total Audience, June 2019, India
* In June 2019, Video data for Voot Mobile App is being reported under [M] Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd instead of [C] VOOT.COM in Video Metrix Multi-Platform India. The revised figures for [C] VOOT.COM are: Reach (MM) : 52, Videos (MM) : 1,157, and Minutes per Viewer : 68.7

YOUTUBE.COM, which is part of Multi-Category given that it hosts many other categories in addition to entertainment, reached 91.9% of the digital population with over 269 million unique viewers (UVs) in June 2019. With enhanced mobile video reporting for YouTube and its Partner channels in VMX Multi-Platform reports, advertisers can plan their campaigns more efficiently while content partners are able to monetise their inventory better.

BroadbandTV took the top position in the top 10 video entities ranking in June 2019, with over 149 million UVs, reaching 50.9% of the digital population. VEVO was in second position with over 95 million UVs and reaching 32.7% of the digital population. In third place was ZEFR, with over 84 million UVs and reaching 28.8% of the digital population.

With the rise of video on demand (VOD) in India, VMX Multi-Platform June 2019 reports are beginning to see key players break through the ranks. A case in point being VOOT.COM (reported as Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd), where the engagement is as high as 68.7 minutes per viewer, the highest engagement amongst the top 10 entertainment players listed. Also, with over 1.157 billion total digital videos, it has the second highest number of videos viewed among the top 10 entertainment entities in June 2019, with BroadbandTV having 1.450 billion total digital videos, the highest number of videos viewed.

VMX Multi-Platform offers unduplicated, person-level video audience measurement across digital content and ads, providing insight into audience size, reach, engagement and demographic composition. Agencies & advertisers will be able to plan smarter multi-platform video campaigns by understanding the total scale of digital users across all screens as well as identify the best video properties to meet campaign objectives by comparing properties side-by-side. On the other hand, publishers & content owners will be able to understand the total reach of their content and scale of their digital audience across platforms as well as benchmark video performance against competitors and identify where to find new audiences. To learn how Comscore can help you make business decisions with confidence, please contact us.

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