- March 9, 2023

Young men drive ChatGPT’s momentum in India

Maite Azkuna
Maite Azkuna
Senior Analyst, Marketing Content & Insights

Both OpenAI, the research organization that developed ChatGPT, and ChatGPT itself are the object of much buzz on social media: OpenAI registered more than one million actions on social media in January 2023 – double the number it generated in the entire fourth quarter of 2022. For ChatGPT, the numbers are even higher, with 9.2 million actions in January 2023, a 330% increase compared to Q4 2022. These trends are reflected in the chart a keyword cloud below.

How do people access ChatGPT?

A measure of this can be approximated through the number of people who visited OpenAI’s website – either through desktop or mobile devices. Specifically, OpenAI.com received over 24 million unique visitors in India as of January 2023. Mobile was the most popular platform for accessing the website, with over 20 million unique visitors, compared with 3.6 million on desktop devices. On average, Mobile users also spend more time on OpenAI’s website – 22.1 minutes per visitor per month – compared to 11.5 minutes per visitor per month on desktop.

What about OpenAI.com’s audience profile?

A demographic breakdown of OpenAI’s audience shows that those aged 15-24 years old are the most over-represented: OpenAI’s reach within this group (at 8.9%) is nearly two times higher (UV composition index = 188) than its average reach on the internet (at 4.7%).

For men aged 15-24, the hype around ChatGPT has propelled OpenAI.com into the top 150 sites and apps most visited in India (#134) on January 2023. However, in terms of user engagement, this demographic spent an average of 21.4 minutes per month on the site - significantly less than the 13 hours per month they spent on Instagram mobile application or the 12 hours per month they spent on YouTube.com. Yet it compares well with high profile sites such as Wikipedia (6.7 minutes), media sites such as Bhaskar and Sportskeeda (22.6, and 9.6 minutes, respectively), or the popular education site Byjus (6.7 minutes)

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