Celebrating 25 Years of Comscore
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Celebrating 25 years of Comscore

Throughout the month of July, Comscore is celebrating its 25th anniversary as an innovator in modern media measurement.

We’ll be releasing a series of insights, market snapshots, historic throwbacks and events to mark each day of our Silver Jubilee.

Other highlights will include:

  • A nod to the future of advertising in Comscore’s State of Gen Z report 2024.
  • Curated thought leadership at tentpole events throughout July including the ANA’s Digital and Social Media Conference.
  • The release of the 2024 State of Gaming report

If you’re a partner, client or stakeholder wanting to support our celebrations as the digital OGs, get in touch here at this link.

Employee Spotlight

Throughout the month we'll be highlighting some of our longest-serving Comscorians and their perspectives on our strengths as an industry innovator.

Calendar of Events throughout July

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Celebrating our people and innovation throughout July

Jon Carpenter Chief Executive Officer Comscore

To our partners, colleagues, and friends:

When Comscore was founded in 1999, our industry looked starkly different than it does today.

The year we launched, there was no Retail Media or CTV, and none of us spent time managing multiple streaming subscriptions. Netflix's monthly subscription offering was sending DVDs in the mail and people primarily watched traditional TV. Digital commerce was in its infancy, with “internet” ad spend at just $1.9 billion. In 1999, annual ad spend in the U.S. was $87.5 billion. Now it is approaching $369 billion.

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