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Data Gem Jan. 1, 2015 | Share

How the Oscars Measure Up

How the Oscars Measure Up

How the Oscars Measure Up Read more

Data Gem Jun. 11, 2013 | Share

Asia Pacific Has Largest Daily Online Gaming Audience

Worldwide, nearly 671 million people played an online game using a desktop PC or laptop in April 2013, with 145 million gamers playing on a daily basis. The number of daily gamers differs across the continents with an average of 47.9 million internet users in Asia Pacific accessing an online gaming site daily, followed by Europe with 45.6 million daily... Read more

Data Gem Jun. 14, 2012 | Share

1 in 4 Internet Users Access Banking Sites Globally

Growth of Online Banking Sites

Globally, 423.5 million people accessed online banking sites during April 2012, reaching 28.7 percent of the internet audience. The global reach of banking sites such as Bank of America grew by 2.9 percentage points over the past year. Over 45 percent of the internet audience in North America accessed bank sites, an increase of 1.2 percentage points,... Read more

Data Gem Dec. 22, 2011 | Share

Women Spend More Time Social Networking than Men Worldwide

Average hours per visitor on Social networking by region

A look at gender differences in social networking engagement found that, across global regions, females age 15 and older spend more time social networking than their male counterparts. In North America and Europe, women spent an average of nearly two hours (30 percent) more than men on social networking sites in October. Latin America saw both females... Read more

Data Gem Sep. 22, 2011 | Share

Social Networking Visitation and Engagement by Region

social networking visitation and engagement by region

An analysis of social networking visitation and engagement by region revealed that Asia Pacific, home to the largest online audience of the five global regions, contributed 32.5% of worldwide visitors to the category. Europe followed with 30.1% of social networkers, while North America accounted for 18.1%. Latin America represented 10.2% of all social... Read more

Data Gem Aug. 29, 2011 | Share

Watching Financial Markets from Your Smartphone

Financial Markets from Your Smartphone

The dynamic nature of financial markets aligns well with the ubiquitous nature of mobile. Of the eight individual markets that comScore currently measures via its MobiLens service, Japan saw the largest percentage of its smartphone audience access financial news or stock quotes from their device at 42.3% of users. In North America, 1 in 4 smartphone... Read more

Data Gem Aug. 17, 2011 | Share

Global Audience Analysis for Top Retail Sites

Composition of Regional Visitors to Select Retail and Auction Sites

A recent comScore report analyzed some of the largest global retail and auction sites with a specific look at how these sites are penetrating various geographic regions. Among destinations included in the study, Amazon Sites and Worldwide Sites showed more globally distributed audiences compared to most other brands in the study. Amazon... Read more

Data Gem Jul. 28, 2011 | Share

Exposed Facebook Fans by Worldwide Region: Starbucks, Southwest and Bing

Exposed Facebook Fans by Worldwide Region

The chart below clearly illustrates how brands may be reaching Fans across the world with brand impressions on Facebook. Starbucks has a diverse base of exposed Fans across all five global regions, with North America accounting for less than 30 percent of the total. Southwest has a more concentrated Fan base which is understandable as it is a domestic... Read more

Data Gem Feb. 1, 2011 | Share

Al Jazeera Percent of Page Views by Region in 2010

Al Jazeera Percent of Page Views by Region in 2010

Middle Eastern news network Al Jazeera credited 63.5 percent of its total page views in 2010 to the Middle East - Africa region. North America held the 2nd place majority with 16.7 percent of pages viewed in 2010. Read more

Data Gem Oct. 7, 2010 | Share

Top 10 Countries by Online Banking Penetration

Top 10 Countries by Online Banking Penetration

Canada leads all countries in terms of its share of Internet users who access online banking sites each month at nearly 65%, with the Netherlands a close second at 61%. North America, Europe and Australia feature prominently among the top ten, all of which are developed economic markets where individuals are more likely to have bank accounts and regular... Read more