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Data Gem Apr. 4, 2014 | Share

Smartphone Market Led by Android in Software, iPhone in Hardware

The U.S. smartphone operating system market has solidified into a two-horse race between the Android and iOS platforms. The two platforms now combine for 93 percent of the smartphone market, with Android holding onto a majority share at 51 percent and Apple not far behind at 42 percent. Notably, Apple nearly halved the market share gap over the past... Read more

Data Gem Aug. 1, 2013 | Share

Half of UK Smartphones Run on Android

In the UK, Android has increased its OS market share by 19 percent from 42 percent share of the market in May 2012 to 50 percent in the three month average ending May 2013. Apple’s market share amongst the 33.1 million UK smartphone owners has remained relatively stable, with a growth of 7 percent from May last year to reach 29 percent share in May... Read more

Data Gem Jul. 9, 2012 | Share

Google Goes for Gold in UK Smartphone Race

Growth of Smartphone OS Market Shares

More than 28 million people in the UK used smartphones during the three month average ending May 2012, up 38 percent since a year ago. Google’s Android was the top smartphone operating system with 42.1 percent of market share by operating system (OS). Android was the only smartphone OS that gained market share in the UK over the past year. Apple’s... Read more

Data Gem Apr. 3, 2012 | Share

Android Captures Majority Share of US Smartphone Market

US Top Smartphone Platforms February 2012

More than 104 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in February 2012, up 14 percent versus November. Read more

Data Gem Feb. 27, 2012 | Share

Smartphone Platform Wars Intensify as Android and Apple Take the Lead in Most Markets

US Smartphone Market Share by OS

The recently released comScore 2012 Mobile Future in Focus revealed that the Google Android and Apple iOS smartphone platforms emerged as leaders across many developed mobile markets. By the end of 2011, Android had captured 47 percent of the base of primary smartphone users age 13+ in the U.S., followed by Apple iOS (30 percent). In the EU5, Android... Read more

Data Gem Feb. 3, 2012 | Share

Nearly 34 Percent of EU5 Apple iPad Users Also Own an iPhone

Smartphone Ownership among Tablet Users

Information that was exclusively released in our latest white paper (Connected Europe: How Smartphones and Tablets are Shifting Media Consumption) shows that 33.7 percent of iPad users in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), also owned an iPhone. Read more

Data Gem Jan. 23, 2012 | Share

BlackBerry Users More Likely to be Older and Affluent

The mobile industry is buzzing with news of a CEO shuffle at RIM, leading us to take a closer look at today's BlackBerry user. When compared to an average smartphone owner, BlackBerry users are more likely to be older, possess higher household income and have all or part of their mobile bill paid for by an employer. BlackBerry users over indexed in... Read more

Data Gem Oct. 13, 2011 | Share

Apple Owners Most Satisfied in UK

Average Device Satisfaction

While RIM owners might be the most loyal, Apple owners are the most satisfied with their device among all mobile subscribers. Out of all the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the UK, Apple had the highest average satisfaction rating of 8.6 in July 2011 (with 10 being the highest rating). HTC followed closely at 8.13, while RIM ranked third... Read more

Data Gem Oct. 11, 2011 | Share

Apple iOS Accounts for Majority of Non-Computer Traffic in the US

OS Market Share US August 2011

In August 2011, the iOS platform accounted for more than half (58.5%) of the share of total non-computer Internet traffic measured through browser-based page views in the U.S, with the iPad’s dominance in the tablet market playing a key role in its position. In fact, iPads delivered 97.2% of all tablet traffic and even edged out iPhones in delivering... Read more

Data Gem Oct. 3, 2011 | Share

69.9% of Former BlackBerry Owners Switched for Another RIM Phone in UK

OEM Churn Rates

For the UK market in July, RIM had the highest retention rate (69.9 percent) among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), followed by Apple with 65.5 percent. HTC mobile subscribers were also among the most satisfied with their devices, ranking third in terms of retention rate, as the majority (48.1 percent) remained loyal to the brand. Read more