- March 25, 2014

66 Percent of Digital Media Population in Spain is Now 'Multi-Platform'

Sr. Manager, Corporate Marketing, EMEA

Comscore recently launched MMX MP to deliver a unified view of desktop, smartphone and tablet audiences in Spain, the third market to have access to multi-platform measurements, together with U.S. and U.K.

More than two thirds (66 percent) of the Total Digital Population in Spain now accesses the internet via more than one device in a month; compared to 65 percent in the U.K. and 58 percent in the U.S.

Share of Total Unqiue Visitors per Platform

These insights were obtained from our Comscore MMX MP Service. To learn more about Comscore solutions in Spain, contact us espana@comscore.com

Mobile-Only users play a significant role
Whilst Multi-Platform usage represents a majority, an increasing number of users no longer rely on PC internet access in a month. This is particularly noticeable in Spain, where 12% of the Total Digital Population goes online with mobile devices only in a month. Understanding duplicated and unduplicated audiences between platforms has crucial implications for advertising and content providers.

Mobile Audience Incremental Percentage to Desktop