- March 1, 2016

Mobile Millennials: Retail Myths and Realities

Mobile devices have changed the way consumers purchase goods. Processes that were historically performed entirely offline have been transformed with the presence of smartphones and tablets that accompany consumers on their visits to retail stores. An analysis of consumers’ mobile usage during these trips found they are relying on their devices for a variety of retail-related activities during their shopping experience.

The way consumers access digital content while in-store is vital information for marketers, allowing them to optimise user journeys and customer experience. The shift in how shoppers find and research products underlines the importance of combining engaging and informative content with a seamless interface.

Key Findings:

  • According to insights from Comscore MobiLens the top activity for nearly a quarter of Millennials in Germany (compared to 18.3% of Silver Surfers) is the use of their mobile phones to take pictures of a product in store. Additionally, 18% of Millennials send these images to family/friends compared to 10.4% of Silver Surfers. Smaller numbers of these demographics texted or called friends and family about products during their shopping trip (14.7% and 10.2%).
  • Price comparison remains a key activity, especially for Millennials – 13.9% of them compared prices on their mobile phones in retail stores, compared to only 6% of Silver Surfers.
  • Mobile usage often begins before arriving at the store, with 8.5% of Millennials and 4.1% of Silver Surfers using their phone to find a retailer’s location.
  • When it comes to researching products whilst shopping, Millennials (11.2%) tend to research product information on their phone compared to 3.4% of Silver Surfers, although only a small percentage (3.1% of Millennials and 0.4% of Silver Surfers) went a step further and shopped online with their mobile devices whilst in store.
Smartphone Usage in Retail Stores
German Mobile Usage in Retail Stores

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