- March 11, 2015

Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy, Politics, Mobile & Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

While it is perhaps not surprising that Brazil is the 1st largest internet population in Latin America with 84 million Unique Visitors per month, the use of the Internet in Brazil is being impacted for many different local changes which are, in many ways, different from the other countries in the Region. The local climate and political changes have impacted internet consumption over the past few months, and the launch of entertainment TV shows and mobile usage are also indicators that explain the current Brazilian behavior on the internet. Here are 10 interesting data snacks about Brazil during the past few months:

Brazilian Landscape

  • The services category ranks first in terms of reach in Brazil while Social media ranks first in terms of time spend with more than 39 million minutes browsed by Brazilians in January 2015.
  • The internet usage is still concentrated between South and Southeast in Brazil with 69.9% of the total Composition of Brazilian Unique Visitors coming from these two regions.
  • Google Sites is still the TOP property by Unique Visitors in Brazil but did you know that 16.9% of their entries come from Facebook? This represents more than 1.3 billion of entries in January 2015!
Brazil Total Minutes

Entertainment & Mobile

  • Do you know what Brazilians love more than national soap opera? With 6 million Unique Visitors and almost 23 million visits in January, Big Brother Brasil is the biggest entertainment – TV show in terms of Unique Visitors!
  • We all know about the impact of the mobile usage in Brazil but did you know that more than 8 million Unique Visitors in Brazil are exclusive Mobile users?
  • Social networking usage migration to Mobile is already a reality in Brazil! The reach of social networks websites in Brazil decreased 2.6% on desktop usage while it increased 19% on Mobile. However, it’s still fair to say that Social Networking is still between the TOP 5 categories with the biggest average visits per visitor in a month from desktops and laptops.
  • While traffic getting around Brazil is terrible and nothing new, we did discover a new passion from the Brazilian internet users to share real-time traffic updates: Waze! Brazil ranks first in the World in Total Unique Visitors for Waze’s desktop website with 822 thousand Total Unique Visitors, about 8 times as much as the U.S, which ranks 2nd with 111 thousand Total Unique Visitors.
Brazil Reach Social Networking

Politics & Economy

  • Since the lack of water announced in October 2014, SABESP.COM.BR website increased 136% in Total Visits from November 2014 to January 2015. São Paulo is the State with the biggest engagement being responsible for 82% of the Total Visits in January 2015.
  • After the elections and the presidential scandals in Brazil, the official website from the federal government, BRASIL.GOV.BR tripled the number of Total Visits in São Paulo from November 2014 to January 2015, doubling their reach nationally in the same period.
  • Contradictorily, the News/Information - Politics subcategory decreases in all regions in terms of Unique Visitors falling 54% in the Total Digital Population from November 2014 to January 2015.
Brazil Reach

The insights provided above are sourced from Media Metrix.
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