- March 8, 2012

European Engagement with News/Information Sites Ascends with Age

In Europe, a total of 317.7 million unique visitors accessed News/Information sites for an average of 59.1 minutes per visitor during January 2012. A demographic analysis of visitors consuming news/information sites revealed that largest audience by unique visitors was the 25-34 age group (75.8 million), but people above the age of 55 were the most engaged, with a visitor spending 76.8 minutes on average on sites like Yahoo! News Network and the BBC during the month. In fact, as the age groups ascend, so does the amount of time a visitor spends consuming news content.

An analysis by gender showed males to be more engaged, spending an average of 68.7 minutes on a News/Information sites in January 2012. On average, European women spent 20 minutes less engaging with news and information than their male counterparts.

Demographic Split News Sites by Average Minutes