- August 21, 2012

The Rise of India’s Digital Consumer and What it Means for the Future

Speaker: Kedar Gavane, Director, Comscore India

India is one of the fastest growing digital markets in the world. With an Internet population that has surged 38 percent in the past year and people spending more time online than ever before, the rise of the digital consumer is leaving no business untouched.

The presentation includes key insights into recent trends in India and the unique opportunities that exist in this dynamic market.

  • An overview of audience trends globally including insights into how digital media consumption is evolving across regions.
  • Analysis of the top online activities and sites driving visitation and engagement across India, with a look into key online activities including social networking, online video engagement and online retail activities.
  • Strategic insights into the top local and global brands attracting and retaining visitors.
  • A discussion on what trends are set to define the future of the digital market in India.