- April 25, 2013

Understanding Subscriber Behaviors for Mobile Operators

Speaker: Jeremy Copp, VP Telecoms

Today’s mobile operator environment has become increasingly complex with the proliferation of devices and the overwhelming volume of subscriber big data. As such, it is difficult for players in the space to develop comprehensive strategies to constantly stay ahead of the competition. Mobile operators need insights into subscriber digital preferences and behaviors to effectively drive demand for products and services. Through the industry-leading Subscriber Analytix platform, Comscore can enrich mobile operator data with proprietary segmentation data to provide a clear aggregated view of subscriber interests by media consumption types, tariff plans, demographics and devices.

This presentation explores some of the key questions and topics that mobile operators experience today:

  • Can OTTs help increase revenues for my network?
  • How can I create enticing tariff and device plans with services that my subscribers want?
  • What are the new rising star applications on my network?

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