- December 2, 2014

2014 Digital Future in Focus Colombia

Speaker: Alex Castro, Country Director Colombia, Comscore
2014 Digital Future in Focus Colombia

The “2014 Digital Future in Focus Colombia” presentation examines the online audience trends by category and demography. The presentation also shares the innovations to take place in Colombia in 2015.

During the presentation, Alex Castro, Country Director Colombia at Comscore presents the following insights and more:

  • The online audience in Latin America grew 5% in the last year and has a higher proportion of young people (15 to 24 years old).
  • 7% of the audience in Latin America is in Colombia, being the fourth online audience in Latin America with a 3% growth.
  • Colombia has a higher average in terms of minutes per visitor than the average worldwide and the average of daily visitors increased by 10%.
  • Social Media is the category with more minutes on the screens of PC/Laptops in Colombia.
  • The total reach in online video compares favorably with the global average and the rest of the Latin American countries.
  • The page hits from non-PC devices is 17% in Colombia.
  • In Colombia, Android is gaining market share.

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