- February 3, 2015

2014 Venezuela Digital Future in Focus

Speaker: Alex Castro, Country Director Colombia & Venezuela, Comscore, Inc.

The Internet is an increasingly important channel when doing business. Companies from various industries are pouring their advertising investments into this platform generating significant returns and developing an industry that is growing rapidly.

Every second, Comscore collects a wealth of information about the digital world - information that is used by our clients for better decision making when it comes to where to place their online advertising. Every year we make a compilation of the most relevant information to generate the “Digital Future in Focus” report covering the State of the Internet in Venezuela.

In this presentation, Alex Castro, Country Director of Colombia & Venezuela at Comscore, shares highlights such as:

  • Six percent of the online audience in Latin America is in Venezuela with men under 25 years old as the predominant segment.
  • Venezuela is in fifth place in terms of Total Unique Visitors in Latin America with 10.7 million. The audience grew 19% in the last year and there has been a 7% increase in Page Views.
  • Venezuela has a higher average for Minutes Per Page versus the worldwide average.
  • Social Media leads as the top main category in Venezuela with 2,757 millions of pages viewed.
  • Political sites showed an increase of 117% in the last year.
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the main social networks in Venezuela.
  • In Venezuela, pages viewed from non-PC devices is at 12.8% and represents an important growth opportunity.

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