- July 2, 2015

Measuring Cross Channel Shoppers Across Platforms

At the Audience Research Foundation's Audience Measurement 2015 conference, Gian Fulgoni, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Comscore, presented findings on measuring the cross-channel shopper in a cross-platform world.

This study examines the use of online survey panels to measure consumers’ cross-platform media exposure and cross-channel buying and shows that these panels have a large bias toward the Internet, leading to an overstatement of the actual importance of digital by a factor of two to three. In contrast, passively-measured behavioral panels are shown to be a proven way to accurately conduct such measurement.

It’s critical that marketers and retailers have an accurate measurement of the impact that digital marketing has on consumer choice and the channels that consumers use to buy products. Unfortunately, online surveys are used far too frequently, leading to misleading conclusions that, if followed, can result in massive over-investment in digital marketing.