- January 21, 2015

Unlocking Programmatic’s Potential: Introducing Comscore Industry Trust

Cameron Meierhoefer
Cameron Meierhoefer

The growth of programmatic has been explosive over the past several years. Buyers, sellers and platforms alike are singing the praises of its ability to drive automation, efficiency, and ROI. But, many are now asking, “Is quality keeping pace with this growth?”

As more and more data becomes available about non-viewable inventory, non-human impressions and fraudsters gaming the system, questions about the true value of programmatic must be addressed head-on:

  • Is there really quality in programmatic? If so, where?
  • How can we separate the bad from the good?
  • How can we trust that the inventory we are buying is legitimate?
  • What can we do to ensure bad actors don’t ruin the promise of programmatic?

This data-packed presentation addresses these questions and reveals what it will take to instill trust back into the ecosystem and help programmatic reach its true potential.