August 19, 2015 - Event: comScore Webinar

comScore Holiday Tracker®

Speaker: comScore Client Insights Manager Marielle Docter, comScore Director of Retail Tom Anderson, comScore Senior Engineer Priyanka Malkan, comScore Senior Product Analyst Ryan Burke

Compare your e-commerce performance with comScore Holiday Tracker across key retail dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday.

comScore Holiday Tracker® reveals where your customers are shopping on a daily and weekly basis during the ten weeks leading up to and including the holiday season. Subscribers can create a customized list of retailers to see how their online traffic compares to the competition via customizable reports through an online, analytics dashboard.

In this presentation and demo, you'll learn how comScore Holiday Tracker can help you:

  • Discover which retailers are attracting the most shopping traffic via mobile apps and mobile browsing, with additional insight into which devices and platforms are driving the majority of behavior.
  • Keep tabs on year-over-year growth in key metrics like buyer penetration, shopper conversion, and more to benchmark performance against your competitors and the e-commerce market as a whole.

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