- April 27, 2016

The CNN Cross-Media Report

In today’s cross-media world, consumers not only have a vast array of options for what media content to consume, they also have more options than ever as to how they consume it.

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The consumer choice among TV, desktop or mobile depends on a number of factors, such as content availability, convenience and the individual’s personal preference at a specific moment. Given this fragmented nature of today’s consumer, media companies are maximizing their audience reach by building a strong content presence across multiple platforms.

To demonstrate how a cross-media brand reaches audiences on TV, desktop and mobile, we conducted an analysis for CNN, a brand with a strong and well-established presence on each of these platforms. Insights from the study show how:

  • A combined, unduplicated view of TV and digital audiences can demonstrate the total reach of a media brand
  • Cross-media unduplicated reach of that brand can vary by demographic
  • Total brand engagement depends on how many different media platforms a person interacts with
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