- October 24, 2017

UKOM Insights - Video Metrix® Multi-Platform Audience Insights

Speaker: UKOM

It’s not surprising to hear that YouTube is oftentimes a daily destination for most Millennials. UKOM approved YouTube data from Comscore, showcased that 11.6 billion videos were watched on the platform and 79% of videos were consumed on a mobile device in July 2017.

This report looks at the following topics:

  • Demographic and viewership insights for YouTube.
  • Viewing trends for YouTube music partner pages, such as Vevo and Warner Music.
  • Insights into whether Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled or an unexpected contender took the number one spot of most popular artist by number of videos (000) and which member of One Direction had the most video views on Vevo’s YouTube channel.

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