- December 17, 2019

Reaching Audiences on Connected TV

Jessie Cooper
Jessie Cooper
Head of Platform Partnerships, Oracle Data Cloud
Lisa Abousaleh
Lisa Abousaleh
VP, Ad Platform Partnerships, Comscore

Connected TV (CTV) has grown substantially within the last few years. It offers the same big screen allure of traditional TV with the precision measurability of digital. As consumers continue to trend towards CTV and other connected devices, there are abundant opportunities for brands and agencies to connect to these audiences.

Our “Reaching Audiences on Connected TV” webinar with Oracle Data Cloud takes an in-depth look at the standards and trends shaping CTV marketing.

This webinar answers key questions, such as: 

  • What are the latest CTV consumer trends? 
  • What the standards are when it comes to CTV targeting? 
  • How consumer privacy impacts CTV advertising?

Audience Targeting Solution

Comscore Audience Activation™ offers programmatic targeting segments powered by massive cross-platform media consumption datasets such as demographics, TV viewership, CTV/gaming...

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