Automakers Shift Web Traffic Into High Gear in June

Consumers Turn to the Web to Help Plan Vacations, Parties, Outdoor Activities and Other Summer Rituals

RESTON, VA, July 19, 2005 – Comscore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of consumer activity at the top online properties and categories. In June, General Motors’ new financing option and other highly publicized promotions helped automotive manufacturers drive significant traffic increases compared to last year. Additionally, Web traffic paralleled seasonal behavior as Americans sought travel, sporting and cooking information to help them kick off the summer.

“The Web has long offered automakers a dynamic and effective marketing channel while providing consumers with a critical source of information,” said Peter Daboll, president of Comscore Media Metrix. “In June, consumers also turned to the Web with more traditional pursuits in mind, such as planning summer vacations, meals and outdoor activities.”

Automakers Entice Consumers with Deep Discounts
General Motors’ “Employee Discount” financing promotion helped the automaker retain its top spot in the category with 8.5 million visitors to its brand sites in June – a seven-percent increase in traffic compared to May and a 60-percent increase compared to last year. More than 3.5 million people visited alone, an increase of 29 percent versus last month. saw a massive traffic spike in June, increasing 259 percent to 1.2 million visitors thanks to an interactive advertisement for its latest Eclipse model. The ad allowed users to experience the new model by virtually test driving it using their keyboards. Meanwhile, traffic to DaimlerChrysler jumped 17 percent between May and June due in part to the buzz surrounding the release of its new Dodge Charger model.

Summer Travel Fever Sweeps the Web
June’s warm weather and vacation time propelled visitation to a number of travel sites and subcategories (see Table 2). Online travel spending reached $5.1 billion in June 2005, up 25 percent over June 2004. Hotels and Resorts was the strongest subcategory, growing nine percent to 34.9 million visitors in June. InterContinental Hotels Group and Marriott were among the Web’s highest-gaining properties for June, with 21- and 18-percent visitation gains, respectively (see Table 1). The Ground/Cruise subcategory gained five percent, climbing to 10.6 million visitors as Carnival Cruises led the category with 2.1 million visitors.

Short trips associated with summertime, such as those taken during the 4th of July weekend, drove increases at Maps category sites. The four-percent increase in the Maps category was led by MapQuest (45.7 million visitors, five-percent gain), Yahoo! Maps (21.3 million visitors, five-percent gain) and MSN MapPoint (5 million visitors, eight-percent gain). Many Americans also turned to car rental sites to help plan their trips. Traffic to the category increased by five percent to reach 6.9 million visitors on the heels of eight-percent growth in May.

Hot Properties Continue To Sizzle
America’s continued fascination with the rich and famous helped Forbes become the highest-gaining property for June. The release of the Forbes’ “Celebrity 100” list of the top-paid personalities garnered significant attention, boosting the property’s traffic by 28 percent to 6.4 million visitors. Meanwhile, online photo site Snapfish saw the second-highest visitation gain – up 27 percent to 3.6 million visitors – thanks to a price cut for photo printing. In addition, ranked as the third highest-gaining property in June with 5.8 million visitors, up 21 percent from May. Mozilla’s increasingly popular Firefox Web browser, released a security update and was named PC World magazine’s “2005 Product of the Year” in June. Continuing with the technology trend, Vonage Holdings Corp saw traffic to its site climb 17 percent with the help of a promotion offering the first month of its Internet telephone service for free.

Web Users Seek the Great Outdoors
Summer leisure and sports interest helped make Retail - Sports/Outdoors the second-highest gaining category in June, rising nine percent to 20.2 million visitors. Retailers who sell gear associated with water sports saw major gains. Swimming wear and equipment seller was a standout, growing by 53-percent in June. GSI Network was among the Internet’s top-gaining properties in terms of traffic, climbing 18 percent to 5.3 million visitors. A number of GSI’s sporting goods sites drew significant increases, including MCSports (up 65 percent), Modell’s (up 53 percent) and Dick’s Sporting Goods (up 25 percent). Other hunting and fishing sites such as Cabela’s Inc. (up 17 percent) and Bass Pro Shops (8 percent) also saw traffic gains.

Gay Pride Celebrations Reflected in Traffic Increases
Traffic to sites with Gay and Lesbian content jumped ten percent in June to 1.6 million visitors as gay pride was celebrated with parades and festivals in several major cities across the country in June. The top property in the category in June was PlanetOut with 1 million visitors, recording a traffic increase of 12 percent compared to May. The property is a network of sites, including and Out & About Travel, which contains gay and lesbian content related to everything from news & politics to entertainment to personals ads.

BBQ Nation Turns to the Web for Grilling Guidance
Americans turned to the Web for grilling tips in June as summertime gatherings went into full swing. The Food category reached 33.2 million visitors in June, up five percent over May. AOL Food saw its traffic soar by 46 percent to reach 2.4 million, primarily due to heavy traffic to its extensive grilling content. Meanwhile, McDonald’s enjoyed a 24-percent increase in traffic to its site as consumers flocked to the Happy Meal page to enter the “Extreme Dream” sweepstakes where kids can win $5,000 towards the remodeling of their bedrooms.

Top 50 Properties
In June, Time Warner Network drew 700,000 more visitors to assume the top spot in the Top 50 Properties (see Table 3). The rest of the top five properties remained the same compared to the previous month, while Verizon Communications Corporation moved up a spot to claim the number ten position.

Dell utilized heavy promotional activity to attract 20 percent more visitors in June than in May and move 13 spots from number 58 to number 45. Sony Online jumped seven spots to number 43 in June, spurred by traffic for the Lords of Dogtown movie. Summer travel provided a seven-percent jolt to Travelocity, which moved six spots to number 35 in June.

June was also a busy sports month, including the NBA Finals, the NBA Draft, the U.S. Open and Wimbledon. As a result, ESPN gained 900,000 visitors and five spots to finish in June’s number 40 position. Finally, Sears Sites and Adobe Sites each gained five positions to finish June at number 42 and number 49, respectively.

Top 50 Ad Focus Ranking
In June, for the 14th consecutive month, finished atop the Ad Focus Ranking by reaching 78 percent of all Americans online (see Table 4). Yahoo! reached 70 percent of the U.S. online audience to finish at number two, and Fastclick reached 68 percent to finish at number three. AOL Media Network debuted in the Ad Focus Ranking at number four, reaching 67 percent of all online Americans.

All the sports activity in June helped ESPN secure the largest gain in the Top 50 Ad Focus entities; the three-spot climb moved ESPN to June’s number 41. Gorilla Nation Media debuted in the Ad Focus Ranking in June, reaching 25.8 million Americans and finishing at number 24. Finally, Disney Online attracted 1.6 million more visitors in June than in May, finishing the month in the number 30 position in the Ad Focus Ranking. 


Top Ten Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors*
June 2005 vs. May 2005
Total U.S. Home, Work and University Internet Users
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
Property May-05 (000) June-05 (000) Percentage Change Rank by Unique Visitors
Total Internet Population 165,420 166,625 1% N/A
Forbes Property 4,998 6,402 28% 124
Snapfish 2,823 3,578 27% 228
MOZILLA.ORG 4,776 5,786 21% 140
InterContinental Hotels Group 4,229 5,119 21% 159
IncrediMail Ltd. 3,623 4.361 20% 189
Dell 11,550 13,816 20% 45
GSI Network 4,485 5,282 18% 153
Marriott 4,286 5,050 18% 162
DaimlerChrysler 4,489 5,254 17% 155
Vonage Holdings Corp 5,490 6,420 17% 123

*Ranking based on the top 250 properties in June


Top Ten Gaining Categories by Unique Visitors
June 2005 vs. May 2005
Total U.S. Home, Work and University Internet Users
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
  May-05(000) June-05(000) Percentage Change
Total Internet Population 165,420 166,625 1%
Community - Gay/Lesbian 1,483 1,633 10%
Travel - Hotels/Resorts 31,397 34,922 9%
Retail - Sports/Outdoor 18,444 20,157 9%
Business/Finance - Online Trading 10,506 11,249 7%
Directories/Resources - Classifieds 23,715 25,293 7%
Entertainment - Radio 35,432 37,527 6%
Travel - Ground/Cruise 10,064 10,575 5%
Travel - Car Rental 6,588 6,917 5%
Hobbies/Lifestyle - Food 31,769 33,222 5%
Directories/Resources - Maps 56,879 59,399 4%


Top 50 Properties
June 2005
Total U.S. - Home, Work and University Locations
Unique Visitors (000)
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
Rank Property Unique Visitors (000)   Rank Property Unique Visitors (000)
  Total Internet Users 166,625        
1 Time Warner Network 118,516   26 Bank of America 18,931
2 Yahoo! Sites 118,248   27 Sites 18,779
3 MSN-Microsoft Sites 112,235   28 Sites 18,007
4 Google Sites 79,960   29 Gorilla Nation Media 17,924
5 eBay 64,065   30 MYSPACE.COM 17,703
6 Amazon Sites 40,092   31 Apple Computer, Inc. 17,055
7 Ask Jeeves 39,821   32 ORBITZ.COM 16,959
8 Viacom Online 32,258   33 CareerBuilder LLC 16,603
9 Vendare Media 31,290   34 Comcast Corporation 16,161
10 Verizon Communications Corporation 31,213   35 Travelocity 15,834
11 CNET Networks 31,128   36 OVERSTOCK.COM 15,678
12 Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) 29,853   37 United Online, Inc 15,614
13 New York Times Digital 29,057   38 Sites 15,170
14 Monster Worldwide 28,319   39 E.W. Scripps 14,879
15 Weather Channel, The 28,023   40 ESPN 14,794
16 Expedia Travel 26,049   41 COOLSAVINGS.COM 14,588
17 Lycos, Inc. 25,463   42 Sears Sites 14,239
18 Wal-Mart 22,650   43 Sony Online 14,230
19 Network 22,392   44 The Womens Network 14,175
20 Trip Network Inc. 20,917   45 Dell 13,816
21 AT&T Properties 20,745   46 Cox Enterprises Inc. 13,581
22 Target Corporation 19,806   47 Ticketmaster 13,384
23 Infospace Network 19,770   48 Capital One 13,104
24 Weatherbug Property 19,597   49 Adobe Sites 12,971
25 Gannett Sites 19,095   50 JPMorgan Chase Property 12,806


Ad Focus Ranking
Unique Visitors (000)
Total U.S. - Home, Work and University Locations
June 2005
Source: Comscore Media Metrix
Rank Property Unique Visitors (000) Reach %   Rank Property Unique Visitors (000) Reach %
  Total Internet Users 166,625 100%          
1** 130,272 78%   26 ABOUT.COM 24,112 14%
2 Yahoo! 117,354 70%   27 AOL Business Network 22,523 14%
3 Fastclick** 112,545 68%   28 CNN 21,174 13%
4 AOL Media Network 111,817 67%   29 WeatherBug 19,368 12%
5 MSN 97,576 59%   30 Disney Online 18,645 11%
6 Vendare Media - TrafficMarketplace** 88,646 53%   31 CareerBuilder Network 18,442 11%
7 AOL 86,733 52%   32 Travelocity All 18,398 11%
8 GOOGLE.COM 77,383 46%   33 CLASSMATES.COM 18,007 11%
9 Casale Media Network** 76,514 46%   34 MYSPACE.COM 17,703 11%
10 YAHOO.COM Home Page 74,908 45%   35 MaxOnline** 17,235 10%
11 Tribal Fusion** 73,993 44%   36 ORBITZ.COM 16,959 10%
12 ValueClick Media** 60,920 37%   37 SuperPages Network 16,827 10%
13 EBAY.COM 60,227 36%   38 CNET 16,245 10%
14 MSN.COM Home Page 52,106 31%   39 REAL.COM 16,153 10%
15 24/7 Real Media** 49,648 30%   40 CHEAPTICKETS.COM 15,327 9%
16 BURST! Media** 47,353 28%   41 ESPN 14,794 9%
17 Ask Jeeves 39,821 24%   42 COOLSAVINGS.COM 14,588 9%
18 EBAY.COM Home Page 36,814 22%   43 Claria Applications 14,472 9%
19 Network 33,437 20%   44 WebMD Health Network 14,415 9%
20 Vendare Media 31,290 19%   45 The Womens Network 14,175 9%
21 MSNBC 27,336 16%   46 Netscape 13,881 8%
22 Expedia Travel 26,049 16%   47 MONSTER.COM 13,475 8%
23 WEATHER.COM 25,998 16%   48 IMDB.COM 12,376 7%
24 Gorilla Nation Media Network 25,835 16%   49 WhitePages Network 12,078 7%
25 Lycos Network 25,380 15%   50 TICKETMASTER.COM 12,051 7%

Reach % denotes the percentage of the total Internet population that views a particular entity at least once in June. For instance, Yahoo! was seen by 70 percent of the over 166 million Internet users in June. The notation “**”indicates that the entity is an advertising network.

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